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And almost half of the postgraduates experience some symptoms of anxiety or depression. You are not alone!

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We promise: Complete confidentiality. No one at your school or in your family will learn about your little secret. Highest quality research. Ken DeOme to our knowledge no one ever called him Kenneth was a remarkable human being, remarkable in his experience he was even a minister in his early days , in his social skills, and in his wisdom. For his first 28 years he lived in Michigan; then he came to Berkeley to receive a Ph. His major professor was Samuel Jackson Holmes and his field was mammalian genetics.

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Then for 12 years, he served as a veterinary pathologist on the Davis Campus, an experience which gave him the histopathological knowledge from which so many of us benefited in later years. In , the state legislature decided to provide support for cancer research in the University of California by establishing a colony of mice with reliable genetic characteristics, which could be made available to investigators. Thus came about the Cancer Research Genetics Laboratory genetics reflecting the mouse-breeding mandate , and Ken DeOme, its first director, also became Professor of Zoology at Berkeley.

DeOme had a remarkable capacity to attract colleagues and to encourage them to investigate the overwhelming biomedical challenges raised by the genesis of cancer. Howard Bern was an endocrinologist who became so involved; David Weiss was an immunologist who was affiliated with the laboratory; Dorothy Pitelka was a cell biologist in fact, a protozoologist who lent her considerable expertise in electron microscopy to the laboratory's program.

We believe that the Cancer Research Laboratory at Berkeley remains unique: an independent cancer laboratory without medical connections in a College of Letters and Science, and we owe this to the vision and abilities of DeOme. DeOme's research accomplishments were many. In collaborations, he often provided the essential ingredient that made for success. His initial research focus was on the hyperplastic alveolar nodules that precede the appearance of cancer in mouse mammary glands. During the course of studies that established the preneoplastic nature of these nodules in the mouse mammary gland, DeOme developed the technique of transplanting mammary tissue into its natural site, the mammary fat pad.

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This methodology is used routinely today, and, if there is a single research contribution for which he will be remembered, it is the development of this method and the clear definition of the preneoplastic lesion that the method permitted. DeOme was a distinguished scientist of international stature, who brought great credit to the University. The field of experimental breast cancer research is now a vigorous one, actively pursued world-wide. His greatest achievement was his mentorship of a large group of colleagues and graduate students, who, along with their students and postdoctorals, have been instrumental in the continued development of this vitally important field of endeavor.

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In recognition of his research accomplishments, DeOme was honored in his lifetime by an honorary medical doctorate from the University of Perugia, by the Berkeley Citation, and by the Prentis Award of the Michigan Cancer Foundation. We conclude with a heartfelt tribute to Ken DeOme as a biologist, a colleague, a director, and a dear friend. It is to his science, his prescience, his openness, and his humanity, that the Cancer Research Laboratory owes its development. He was greatly missed after he retired; he will be missed even more now.

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Howard A. Bern Phyllis Blair Satyabrata Nandi. He died unexpectedly of a heart attack at his home in Berkeley on December 14, His first work was in mathematical astronomy, a field in which he retained a lifelong interest. De Vogelaere's first teaching position was at Laval University in Quebec, from to His strong interest in computers drew him to the United States, first during the summers, and then permanently. Following several years at the University of Notre Dame, he came to Berkeley in as a visiting associate professor and joined the faculty permanently the next year.

He became a full professor of mathematics in During the years from to , he was also a research mathematician in the Computer Center. De Vogelaere's early research dealt with the differential equations arising in celestial mechanics. Over the past decade his research had been devoted to a novel field of inquiry that synthesized his interests in physics, theory of numbers, geometry, and computation, namely the study of finite Hamiltonian mechanics: the analogue of classical mechanics for a universe in which space has a finite number of points.

At the time of his death, he had nearly completed the manuscript of a large book on the Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry of finite spaces. A distinctive aspect of his approach is that many of the theorems were discovered by the use of a computer to study a large number of examples. One of De Vogelaere's great loves was his teaching and his interaction with students. He devoted an enormous effort to the preparation of his lectures. He pioneered the use of computers in teaching in the Berkeley Mathematics Department, a practice that most of the rest of us found hard to emulate, partly because of the effort needed to create computer programs from scratch, and partly because computer time was expensive in the early days.

Work of this sort helped to bring about advances that have made it much easier to use computers now. De Vogelaere was also very strongly devoted to the departmental and campus libraries, toward whose betterment he gave generously of time and thought. He kept a sharp eye out for problems that might affect the department's students and faculty, particularly in recent difficult times. His enthusiasm was genuine, reflecting his own broad scholarship and grounded in his concern for the maintenance of the intellectual resources of the University.

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