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On the right side it shows her covered from head to toe with a veil. Her background is white showing that society is telling her what they practice; it is beautiful yet the veil is black. In the background is a bunch of scribbles which is her mind set and it does not know how it feels.

These pictures reveal the ugly truth and the beautiful lie. Furthermore, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, provides unique content and portrays a message during the revolutionary Iran era. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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It's no Viennese Sister Act , though. Marjane gets along with the nuns about as well as she gets along with authority in Iran. Over the next few years, she finds herself in a variety of living situations: with her sexually liberated friend Julie, in an apartment with eight homosexuals no, she's not on Vienna's version of Project Runway , and renting a room from a horse-faced woman with a foul attitude and an incontinent dog… just to name a few. Marjane misses her family, who she left back in Iran and are her only support system.

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She gets depressed, and becomes homeless. Living on the streets makes her so sick she coughs up blood. She survives, and moves back home to Iran.

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Giving up her freedoms is hard, but living with her family is what she needs. Her mom and dad treat her as an equal, and her grandmother gives her the reality check she needs: Marjane has to always be true to herself in order to be happy. Back in Iran, she continues doing what social activism she can like designing a new uniform with a shorter veil , gets married, parties, and then gets divorced. All these things are steps on her way to finding her identity.