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Initially it is a romantic gesture but after the rose dies, the effect of the gesture slowly wears away. This is a representation to the reader that Homer is mortal as well and cannot be reborn. The town, on the other hand, rejuvenates itself because even if one man dies, somebody else will be born.

If one rose were to die, the death of the rose will not have such an impact on the beautiful garden because there are new roses emerging everyday. She is just one rose of an entire garden. He is conveying that Emily only deserves one rose from the town because she does nothing for the new generation of the town, except cause problems by not moving and let that block be turned into other cotton fields.

Ray West further supports this theory. The rose is the perfect word for what symbolizes all three of the main characters, and it alerts the reader that Emily and the others can be very different from what one expects throughout the story. Adams Richard P. Faulkner: Myth and Motion. Princeton, N.

Extract of sample "Symbolism in A Rose for Emily"

Washington D. Faulkner, William.

Michael Meyer. Boston: Bedford-St. Schwab, Melinda. A Watch for Emily. Studies in Short Fiction.

Michael J. Columbia, SC: The R. Bryan Company, This story by Faulkner contains a high rate of symbolism thoroughly distributed and revealed by shady foreshadowing. Just as the house has, Miss Emily has lost her beauty. Once she had been a beautiful woman, who later becomes obese and bloated. In this post civil war town, the great estate and Miss Emily has suffered the toll of time and neglect.

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As the exterior, the interior of the house as well resembles Miss Emily's increasing decent and the growing sense of sadness that accompanies such a downfall. All that is told of the inside of Miss Emily's house is a dim hall, Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner (Summary) - Minute Book Report

Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Symbolism helps to indicate how Emily was once innocent but later changes, how her hair, house, and lifestyle, helped to show her resistance to change.

The Function of Imagery and Symbolism used by William Faulkner in "A Rose for Emily"

The story is not …show more content…. The leather furniture was cracked, and if the chairs were sat upon dust rose about one's thighs. The house seemed to be submerged in shadows as if it also refused to admit the light of the future. It had once been part of the most stylish street in town.

"A Rose for Emily" Symbolism and Themes - Analytical Essay

Now it was surrounded with the cotton wagons and the gasoline pumps. It had obviously become an eyesore compared to once when it had been so beautiful. Emily, as an old woman, wore a gold watch around her neck when confronted about the taxes. The watch descended so low on the chain it was hidden by her belt. Although the watch was unseen its constant ticking could be clearly heard.

The watch drew attention to Emily's reluctance to observe the passing of time as generations passed by and the world changed. She was also leaning on a cane with a gold head. The gold was symbolic of her belief that she was royalty in the town and above the law. The gold was also strong like the stubborn strength she showed in facing the visitors about the taxes.

Emily lived in the past when her family was powerful because of their wealth.

1. Introduction

This power was clear when Emily bought arsenic from the druggist. She easily convinced him to sell her arsenic. He was prepared to ignore laws for Emily. This is similar to the discovery of Homer Barron's body in her bed forty years after his disappearance.