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Religion often depicts the behaviour that a community should live by. In most religions, the rules set by religion include being nice to other people and the environment. It is these rules that are often mistaken for culture. Culture is far harder to define than religion. Culture determines the way a community lives and the rules they must live by.

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Some of these rules are determined by the religion that a community is told to believe in. It is for this reason that culture and religion are often entwined with one another.

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Culture is not all about rules and regulation. Culture is also ways that a community is brought together and often through the arts. These cultural arts include activities such as:. Culture is all about identity and the feeling of belonging.

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Location is often a key point as people identify belonging to a specific race or country. Religion and culture are very similar in many ways and yet different in others. Exclusive access to the MyPerfectWords. Register Log in. Toggle navigation. Limited Time Only!

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