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Homeownership is associated with positive outcomes such as urban sprawl, enacting zoning laws, and lowering crime rates, but there is also evidence of homeownership reducing labor mobility.

This paper examines the effects of homeownership on unemployment lengths in Germany. I use unemployment spells from the German Socio-Economic Panel for the period to estimate the effect of homeownership on unemployment length while controlling for possible self-selection into homeownership. The data suggests that homeowners experience two months shorter duration of unemployment which translates to a 13 percent higher rate of exits from unemployment after controlling for observables. However, after controlling for self-selection into homeownership, I find that homeownership significantly decreases the exit rate out of unemployment by 56 percent compared to renters.

Since the unification of East and West Germany, East Germany underwent economic and institutional transitions which were followed by soaring and persistent unemployment. Previous literature shows that there are tenacious differences between East and West Germans in unemployment duration and its determinants during first nine years after unification.

In this paper, I use the data from the German Socio-Economic Panel to shed light on the differences in duration of unemployment and its determinants for period. My findings show that there are differences between East and West Germans in unemployment duration and its determinants, in particular, education and age, during the early periods of transition.

Easterners have shorter spells of unemployment, and the difference is especially large during longer spells. However, I find that these differences disappear over time.

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In addition, I find evidence of an emergence of the educational differential between East and West Germans with a higher levels of education shortening East German unemployment duration more than West German unemployment durations. All Dissertations.

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What kind of benefits will I be entitled to? It depends on your work history: depending on a situation you can apply for earnings-related benefits from unemployment fund , labor market support or possibly standard unemployment benefits from Kela. The first step to apply for any unemployment benefits is to register as an unemployed job-seeker at your local TE office.

How will one become eligible for earnings-related unemployment benefits? Assuming that you have worked on grant, the review period of 28 months can be extended still further.

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Is there a difference in eligibility for unemployment benefits based on how the employment relationship ends? Also in this case you must register as an unemployed job seeker with the Employment and Economic Development Office TE Office on the first day of your unemployment. Am I allowed to work on my research while unemployed?