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Consequently, we were hoping to add to the existing literature as we empirically explored the relationship between multidimensional ICS and multidimensional employee engagement concepts for ICS e. Schaufeli, Salanova et al. Using a survey, correlation and regression analysis, our study confirmed that internal communication satisfaction has a significant role in high employee engagement. We provided empirical evidence that effective internal communication that results in ICS is the antecedent of employee engagement, which supports sporadic previous findings e.

Concerning internal communication elements critical for employee engagement, we found that satisfaction with feedback, informal communication and communication during meetings are the most relevant ICS dimensions for employee engagement. Our results confirm previous findings that feedback e. Durkin, are vital enablers of engagement.

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However, even though our results imply a causal relationship between ICS and employee engagement and even though engagement is mostly conceptualized as an outcome of internal communication, e. Our results show that internal communication should be recognized as an underlying influence of employee engagement Karanges et al.

This implies that internal communication strategies, when effectively applied, help organizations to create and sustain high levels of employee engagement, which leads to higher levels of performance. Managers should be instructed on the importance of internal communication for enhancing employee engagement.

Program structure

One of the job resources that should not be omitted is internal communication, as according to our study it adds value to employee engagement. However, to contribute to engagement, organizational practices of internal communication need to be acceptable and appropriate for internal stakeholders Welch, Additionally, as stressed by Ruck and Trainor , employee engagement is unlikely to improve until managers start to believe in the importance of internal communication.

This result suggests that internal communication with financial the greater the effectiveness of internal performance in physical education experts of communication will improve internal Tehran Municipality.

Internal Communications Strategy

This result suggests that processes performance. This result suggests that the greater the According to results there is a significant acceptances of change will improve the correlation between the effectiveness of customer performance. The results of this internal communication with the growth and study are consistent with previous results learning performance in physical education Tavalaei research , Tavakoli and experts of Tehran Municipality. This result Taghikhah , Elving , Rngriz and suggests that the greater the effectiveness of Moradi The results correlation between the acceptances of change of this study are consistent with previous with the internal processes performance of results Tavalaei research , Tavakoli and physical education experts of Tehran Taghikhah , Kohansal , Haji Municipality.

This result suggests that the zade , Akbari , and contrasts greater the acceptances of change will with results Nelissen and Van selm improve the internal processes performance. The results of this study are consistent with According to results there is a significant previous results Tavalaei research , correlation between the acceptances of change Akbari , Rngriz and Moradi , with the financial performance of physical and contrasts with results Elving , education experts of Tehran Municipality.

Elving , Elving , Man min Chew This result suggests that the greater the and et al The results of this correlation between the acceptances of change study are consistent with previous results with the learning and growth performance of Tavalaei research , Tavakoli and physical education experts of Tehran Taghikhah , and contrasts with results Municipality. This result suggests that the Hansema The results of this study are successful in dealing with organizational consistent with previous results Tavalaei change.

During organizational change, the research , Elving , Elving , organization has to be about what is really Elving , Man min Chew and et al changing, how do the change, and whether the , and contrasts with results Kohansal organization after the change, how to , Haji zade , Akbari The significant role of humans resistance to change, with other managerial as the main pillars of success and and organizational factors, and not doing effectiveness of organizational change is research on the relationship between effective undeniable.

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In this regard, one of the most communications with acceptance of change in important parts that must understand change, the country. Elving sees the lack of and in line with the policy change, is the information is an important factor in the organization staff. Employees of an rejection of the change, Man min Chew et al organization are the anchors of organizational suggests that effective communication change; therefore, if employees do not accept is a key factor in supporting change, Hansma organizational changes, Failure of the change states that information and program is inevitable.

Abraham, M. Effective communication is an important Key factors predicting effectiveness factor to increase the efficiency and of cultural change and improved productivity effectiveness of organizations. Managers to make decisions, Management, Vol.

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The impact of internal organizational communication on the employee communication system

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„Įmonių vidinė komunikacija valdymo struktūroje“

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