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Lifestyle medicine is an inter-disciplinary medicine branch covering lifestyle modification, public and environmental health. The lifestyle medicine. However, entertainment, in all its forms, has the ability to obliterate society because it displays unrealistic lifestyles, influences younger audiences to engage in risky activities, and makes its viewers unintelligent.

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One of the mainly portrayed themes in almost all entertainment is an unrealistic lifestyle. It expresses the life of a girl who does not rank high on the social status scale, also known as a loser. As the. There are ,00 families in America living a sustainable lifestyle and roughly around 1.

Palameri 1; Perez qtd. The number of Eco villages, sustainable and intentional communities are rising across the nation as more people are discovering that they possess a strong inclination to live in the same manner as the Amish. This phenomenon is becoming a progressively popular choice for people from all walks of life.

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Little Bit of Country What would the ideal lifestyle contain? Would it be a busy life, surrounded by tall buildings and lots of people or would it be on the country, enveloped in the uncontrolled nature and with a small society?

Some would argue for the city-life, while others would argue for the country-life. It might be impossible to conclude which lifestyle is really the best, but there is definitely both cons and pros to each of the two lifestyles. In an article called My Little Bit of Country. On the other hand, we know that culture is always changing and adapting to the lifestyle and advances of the present day.

Lifestyle Although the lifestyle of these women may vary person to person, the general consensus seems to stereotype them to be socialites who work hard on the weekdays while holding together a family simultaneously. These women earn their playtime after long hours holding. Introduction Lululemon is a company that has based itself around a value proposition of ethical production, healthy living and quality athletic gear designed to encourage and support an active lifestyle Lululemon, Unfortunately for the company in the last year it has come under fire for a run of clothing that was far below their standard quality, and was in fact recalled for being too sheer Peterson, You must ensure that you take at least hours of sleep every day.

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You should make it a habit to keep your phone aside while you are working to enhance productivity. Also keep your phone at a distance when you are at home and spend quality time with your family. The rays emitted by mobile phones are harmful it is thus suggested to keep it away especially when you sleep at night. It is always good to be friends with people who bring in positivity in your life and stay away from those who indulge in negative talks.

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Also socialize with those who follow a healthy lifestyle rather than those who regularly indulge in unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking. As important as it is to follow a healthy diet plan, it is equally essential to have your meals on time. Make sure you do not skip your breakfast or any other meal of the day and have your meals at the right intervals.

It is also suggested to have small meals during the day rather than having three large ones. Most of us are so engrossed in our work these days that we forget to take out time to follow our interests and hobbies. It is a good idea to squeeze in some time to follow your hobbies such as gardening, reading, writing or anything of your choice. These act as a good replacement for the unhealthy habits and also help in keeping stress at bay. You must make an effort to deliberately inculcate these healthy habits in your daily routine to attain good physical and mental health. It is easy to inculcate bad habits however it takes a good amount of effort to unlearn them and switch to a healthy lifestyle.

The importance of healthy lifestyle has been stressed upon often enough however not many take it seriously. Even those who plan to follow it to improve their way of living often fall short as it takes a lot of determination to do so. It is suggested to take one step at a time rather than going overboard with it.

This will help you achieve your goal over a period of time. Here is how to develop healthy habits and follow a healthy lifestyle. The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is to quit smoking and stop the intake of any tobacco products you may be addicted to. This can obviously not be achieved in a day and would not be easy. It is suggested to seek professional help to quit the same over a period of time. Drinking occasionally is fine but if you are addicted to it then you must watch out.

Excessive drinking can lead to numerous health issues. If you are addicted to it then it is suggested to take professional help and also reach out to your friends and family for support to get rid of this habit. Ordering out and having junk for most part of the week has become more of a religion these days. It is time to watch out on your intake of junk food and switch to healthy homemade food. This will not only keep you healthy but also in good shape.

Most people are glued to their mobile screens these days. This is another unhealthy habit you ought to get rid of right away. Watching too much TV or spending too much time on the laptop is also something you must avoid. Many people these days get so engrossed in their tasks that they tend to skip their meals. Morning hours are usually busy for most and there is a tendency of skipping the breakfast to accommodate other tasks during that time.

This is the worst punishment you are giving your body. Many people look for an easy way out to get rid of their mental and physical pain and one sure shot way is to gulp a pill or two.

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Pain killers work best for such people however it needs to be understood that these only offer a temporary relief and can cause serious side effects. Now that you know the habits that must be avoided you must work towards quitting the same to give way to a healthier lifestyle.

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Here are a few things you can do in this direction:. It takes a while to develop a healthy lifestyle especially if you are gripped with unhealthy habits shared above. The task may not be easy but it would definitely be worth it. If you have been planning to set things right it is time to stop procrastinating and start now. In this case, health relates to both physical and mental health, which could be achieved by adapting to a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising, yoga, healthy eating, jogging are some of the conventional methods to a healthy lifestyle; however, adhering to certain norms while performing other activities may also considerably improve your physical and mental health. For example — sitting in straight posture will keep your backbone intact and healthy, always wearing a smile on your face and quickly forgetting bad experiences will keep you mentally healthy and happy and not drinking water in between meals is good for digestion.

In this essay we will go through various methods adopted for a healthy lifestyle and advantages of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle could be achieved by merely adopting certain rules and regulations while performing your everyday tasks. Some additional activities in your daily routine may also be introduced to improve overall health and well being.

Below we will go through some of the important methods to lead a healthy lifestyle-. Your mental health largely depends on your physical well being, that is — you will be happy and at peace only if your body is fit and healthy.

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Regular exercise stimulates your health and tunes your vital organs by pumping blood and adrenaline. It also keeps your sugar level maintained, saving you from a lifelong disease of diabetes. Our food is the prime source of energy for our body and what we eat directly affects it. It is therefore, advisable to take healthy food for a healthy lifestyle. Water has more wonderful effects on your health than you could even imagine.

It functions as a cleanser, cleaning toxins from your body. It also keeps your body cells hydrated and improves the functioning of brain and other body parts, apart from making your skin feel always young and fresh.

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Drinking 2 glasses of lukewarm water, first thing in the morning is a wonderful for the kidneys, also, it is advisable to drink 8 — 12 glasses of water daily. There are various ways to improve your mental health. Though, exercising and eating healthy will also gives you mental satisfaction by keeping you physically healthy, there are some other habits, which could be adopted to improve mental health. Socializing, laughing and sleeping for recommended hours will keep one mentally healthy. Recommended sleep for children is for 10 to 12 hours in night and for adults is 7 to 9 hours.

A healthy lifestyle has both long term as well as short term benefits. Short term benefits of exercising include stimulated health, improved immune system, increased organ efficiency and improved brain health. While, short term effects of healthy eating are — raised nutrition level, healthy digestive system and raised immunity along with other advantages.