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Generic school uniform is on the rise across the US, but it is questionable if the focus of authorities should be put on the superficial things rather than the core problems of the educational system, including financing problems ā€” paradoxically, introducing uniforms is viewed as a financial burden by many parties involved. Putting the problem this way outlines your inclination to disagree with the benefits of the trend. Create a layout for what is going to be your research papers, paying close attention to academic styles and other requirements demanded by your teacher and educational establishment.

Bring your notes in order, organizing them according to the part of research paper they are going to be used in, by the viewpoint that they are going to support, and by the type of information, they contain statistics, facts, personal opinions of parties involved, etc. It is important to create a draft of your academic writing. While doing this, you will see that parts of your paper are redundant or some essential points are missing from it.

Revise before you are ready to create the final manuscript. During this part, you are required to present the final opinion you have formed on the topic of school uniform use in public schools. This is the final stage when your school uniform research paper is going to see the light. It is also the stage where you print your paper out, proofread it, and check the styles once again. When you are certain that the paper is written correctly, print out a fresh copy on a good quality paper, put it in a plastic file and hand it in. Not sure about the quality of your paper?

Let experts in academic writing proofread it for you, introducing the necessary amendments so that your ideas are framed in the best possible way. The problem of school uniforms is multifaceted; the polarized opinions have many in-between shades of arguments:. There is a wide range of factors to cover. Start by systematizing the information you have found on the topic by the sphere of life they pertain to. Then give arguments for both sides of the debate, making it clear which side you are a supporter for in short conclusions recapping each set of arguments.

Deborah Weinswig of Coresight Research pinpoints the aversion of students towards uniform in her research focusing on apparel spending statistics typical for, inter alia, adults with children of school age. Among the reasons cited against ubiquitous uniform adoption we find:. The last item high costs of uniforms might appear controversial since some see the use of uniform actually be a relief on a parental budget in the pro camp we find Carmon Nittegerg of Saraland Middle School.

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The arguments supporting uniform affordability are that it may be cheaper to shop for a set amount of mix-and-match pieces, which are on top of everything designed and tailored for wear and tear associated with weekly laundering and school environment, than laying out a neat sum of money for a more diversified and customized wardrobe. It is not an unusual practice for educational establishments with standardized school uniform to provide measurable help for parents who struggle financially in a variety of ways.

Those who claim that acquisition of school uniform will put additional strain on low-income families appeal to standardized nature of uniforms that is there by definition, pointing out that a preset requirement for school apparel will zap any freedom of choice, making parents zero in on the outfit mandated by the school. This seems like a legitimate concern, for if a school dictates a very particular set of pieces purchased from an official source, there is no overriding the impending cost of the academic wardrobe.

The prices fluctuate based on quality, the prestige of retailer, style, etc. The options are very much limited by school requirements, though, making it a financial challenge in the majority of cases for families with a budget to consider. Although there are ways to slightly cut down the cost of a school uniform set, the options seem to be limited.

On the other hand, buying a generic uniform fosters a levelled playfield for children from families with different income, takes teasing, bullying, and competitive behavior out of the equation. School uniform promotes corruption, most school uniforms require unique identification like logos printed on shirts or school blazers.

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School prefers working with specific to sell its products. Selected suppliers take advantage of parents by selling these items at high prices. Suppliers collude with school administrators to exploit parents, this is a common occurrence in many countries. After presenting all the evidence against school uniform, the author needs to present an opposing view and refute this claim. For example, one of the common reasons parents supporting school uniform state includes, students, can easily be identified hence promoting safety. However, school uniforms do not eliminate bullying or other crimes.

Intruders still develop other ways of interacting with students by putting on school uniforms. In addition, students bullying has not reduced, students who want to bully their classmates will find other things to use apart from clothing. When presenting the counter argument the author needs to develop logic explanation refuting the opposing claims. When writing a good essay against school uniforms, the author should present both parents and students reaction and make the essay more engaging by highlighting recent events related to the topic.

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School uniforms limit creativity. The teenage years is when children need to be able to show their emotions and their inner selves even more than normal, and a school uniform takes away one of the prime ways that they can do so. With no way of showing themselves and who they are or experimenting with those things , teenagers quite often turn to acting out, in a bid to separate themselves from the herd.

This particularly becomes an issue when there are several children from the same family are in school.

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Uniforms already cost a lot of money, and do so every year when children grow up. This is exacerbated if the family has more than one child in uniform at the school. Uniforms can be very expensive, since they are limited in scope, and they all have to look the same, and be made of the same materials. Add into this that children tend to grow, and naturally wear out their clothes anyway, and you have a recipe for a huge outlay of money which may not be sustainable in the long term, particularly if families need to rely on certain shops to get what they need.

If families can only get their uniforms at a certain number of shops, this can lead to those shops taking advantage of their position. Uniforms normally have particular logos and crests on them ā€” this can be used by shops as a way of putting the prices up to unknown levels.

Since there are few places to actually get the uniforms from, many people have to pay the asked for a price. It has been said that school uniforms will cut down on bullying, and will make school children safer. It has never been proven that bullying is stopped or reduced by the use of uniforms, and having an easily identifiable uniform could be argued as a point against general safety. Concluding an essay on school uniforms, the author needs to state the main points of the argument to present the significance of the topic.

The concluding paragraph needs to convince the audience using sound language and catchy statements when closing the argument. The author can convince the audience by reviewing all the main points and develop better augment. For example: if there are not uniforms, students will enjoy their freedom of expression and will enjoy school life, it is true that uniform deprives student freedom. People who are in favor of school uniforms often argue that they are helpful on a variety of levels, including when it comes to preventing bullying.

What uniforms actually do, is take away one of the primary means for children to find themselves, thereby encouraging acting out. Uniforms can also end up being a significant outlay of money for not much return, particularly if you have multiple children, or need to use a certain shop, or a number of shops, for your needs. After completing the essay, the author needs to take some time to edit his paper before submitting the final document. The author needs to re-read the essay to check for errors including spelling grammar, incomplete sentences and make corrections.

When presenting the final document, the assignment should be well-structured with flowing sentences and logic explanations. Login Order now.

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