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For questions, please contact us at ScotlandCounselorTour gmail. Search icon. Close menu icon. Menu icon bar 1 Menu icon bar 2 Menu icon bar 3. International students. Entry Requirements. Federal aid. Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. Fee Pass The University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine is working with several US universities on an innovative programme whereby selected students will complete their final year of their animal science degree at the University of Glasgow.

Study Abroad and Exchange opportunities at Glasgow. American University, Washington DC. Beloit College, USA. Bentley University, USA. Boston College, USA. Concordia College, USA. Creighton University Principia partner. Duke University, USA. Georgetown University, USA.

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Goucher College, USA. Kings College, USA. Macalester College, USA. Muhlenberg College, USA.

Siena College, USA. Smith College, USA. Towson University, USA. University of Alabama, USA. University of Connecticut, USA.

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University of Denver, USA. University of Florida, USA. Where have you created your own opportunities? Where have you gone above and beyond? When admissions officers talk about students with initiative, they are talking about students who make things happen or who lead others.

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They are talking about students who start clubs or lead teams, think up and do projects on their own, seek out challenges, and generally use their efforts to create opportunities for themselves and others. You get no points for initiative when all you do is join, enroll, show up, or meet the requirements.

Guide to the 2018-2019 Common App Essays: Writing about Your Identity (Prompt 1)

How have you changed, grown, or learned from your experiences? How have others benefitted from what you have done?

What have you added to your classroom, your school, your community, or the world? Admissions officers want to see that what you have done mattered to someone. How do you show all that in a single entry on a resume? Say you love science passion , have a special gift for organizing groups talent , and started the Project Sunshine Club at your school initiative. You must also demonstrate impact. So you would also report that you got the school excited about alternative energy, you figured out that the school could acquire solar panels for free by encouraging people in the community to sign up for a special program offered by the local electric company, and you organized that effort.

Impact is about results, so make sure you expressly mention them. Now translate that into a resume entry: Founder and President. Project Sunshine Club. See how that works? Now do it for yourself. Dive in to your pre-work this week and you'll be spending your time and energy in the best way possible, because you'll be doing things that will help you get it done and get in. See you next week!

Application Process

Applying to college is a complex and difficult project. You know that. Your parents know that. Your teachers and college counselors know that. Admissions officers know that. In other words, everyone involved in the process knows that.

Core 101 – Academic Argument Essay

In fact, knowing that is exactly what might make you feel a bit overwhelmed. So how do you tackle that? The grown-up thing to do is to take on the challenge. You are ready. You can do it. You really can. Of course, you can do it better if you take advantage of the resources that are out there to help you. Like your parents, teachers, and college counselors. Like admissions officers.

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Like websites, apps, and books. Like this series. It breaks this complex and difficult project down into weekly to-do lists. It is designed for any applicant who intends to apply to selective U. Your job? It will get less intense as the weeks go by, we promise. Ready to get started? That is a sure recipe for disaster in the form of double or triple booking yourself and missing deadlines.

You can use either paper or electronic versions.


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For most students, electronic is the way to go because you always have your cell phones on you, and your cell phones have calendars on them. Personally we like Google Calendar, and you can create separate sub-calendars and colors for personal, school, applications, etc. First, you can create a professional, appropriately serious email identity that is worthy of an applicant to a top U.