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Orwell is fashionable at the moment, particularly for Nineteen Eighty-Four. People are certain that they live in a time when their fundamental rights are in jeopardy, and a small group of elites are tearing down society, brick by brick, to their profit and our loss. A good idea would be to learn what Orwell believed, without all the allegory.

He was a democratic socialist, a church-going atheist, and a veteran of the Spanish Civil War. He believed much of what we believe today, but was able to explain himself better. The short essays in Shooting an Elephant paint Orwell as a furiously incisive critic of almost everything; literature, wars, politics, education, and even Gandhi. On principle, his writing is straightforward.

The title essay is about his time in the imperial police in Burma and the unfair discrepancies he witnessed — and his own role in them. His incompetence butchered the animal, but he was celebrated. To bring things back to a salient point, I want to argue that politically charged writing is complex.

These terms become just buzz words flung out of emotional frustration that the parallels exist. But what matters is education. Shallow arguments are easily traversed.

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