Thesis on film editing

In this thesis, film editing is thus considered as a kind of design work, which is a new approach to analysing film editing.

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Less precision as in the altered version rendered signs of high cognitive load, and, hence, poor understanding of the film. When the perceptual precision is low, it is likely that the film viewer does not experience continuity. Thus, the study demonstrates how tiny audiovisual details can make a huge impact in film editing, giving us a better understanding of how film editors think and work.

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As a result, the businesses, which are involved in this entertainment industry, report considerable reduction of profitability. Given a great rivalry in this area, the necessity to cut films threatens a lot of business owners as well as their employees.

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The acknowledgement of plausible negative and positive consequences achieved in a result of such state control evokes ambiguous attitude of people who live both inside and outside the country. The dilemma is whether the cinemas of the UAE are supposed to follow the legislative and ethical responsibility imposed by government and community or adhere to their financial responsibility towards the stakeholders. Our outstanding writers are mostly educated to MA and PhD level.

The National Media Council of the United Arabian Emirates claims that the film is prohibited because of religious grounds. It goes without saying that every country must protect its national heritage including the role of the church in its community.


This strict measure is justified given the circumstances of different religious beliefs. For example, an alternative measure is a simple notification that the movie Noah violates religious dogmas and, thus, is potentially offensive for certain category of people with a strong faith.

The proposed alternative provides a possibility of a free choice to every individual. The prohibition to watch Noah is unethical because it does not take into consideration the will of the majority. Apart from that, this decision is also unreasonable from financial perspective. Given the above-mentioned negative social and financial outcomes, it would be better for the government of this country to consider more restrained means of protection from undesirable ideas.

An Attentional Theory of Continuity Editing

Apart from religious grounds, the government of the UAE is known to prohibit or trim international films based on inappropriate societal behavior. The aim of all these strategies is to create a more efficient and logical narrative, in which the filmmaker has the possibility to create also stories with complicated contents concerning time and space. As I showed in the introduction, Griffith was one of the first directors, who used the phenomenon parallel editing. Griffith, is a very good example, to analyze and explain the inevitable forward movement of time and finally the parallel editing.

At that time these both methods were already established and accepted by the viewers.

The Science Behind Film Editing

Musser speaks in his essay about two phases of development. First the focus on the movement of time and than parallel editing began to be developed. In the following lines I will go through the whole film by analyzing shot to shot concerning the development of time and later parallel editing. The film is composed of three different subplots, which are juxtaposed together and stand all in a certain relation to each other concerning temporal development and parallelism.

10 Great Topics For A Dissertation About Film Editing

The first one is the story about the farmer and his family. The second one is the story about the "Wheat King" and his business. Finally the third plot describes the consequences of the high price policies of the wheat king in the bakery.

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