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Essay on man Epistle 1-notes, summary and analysis

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Custom homework help. Pope sets out to demonstrate that no matter how imperfect complex and disturbingly full evil the universe may appear to be, it does function in a rational fashion, according to natural laws and is in fact considered as a whole perfect work of God.

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It appears unsatisfy …show more content…. We utter our body parts to make it look perfect to us. The use of weak and blind in the essay tells how man is unsatisfied not be able to see things his way and hence making him unhappy. Life seems chaotic and patternless to man when he is in the midst of it.

Man has sun and forest around him, which he takes advantage of for food shelter and nurturing but on the other hand he blames the nature for destruction and other cause. He has never been satisfied with creation. Everything on this earth was meant to make man happy. Man should learn that nature should take its cause and must learn how to cope with it.

God has ranked man on top of the order of the chain but yet man is unsatisfied.

Alexander Pope's Essay on Man: An Introduction

If any misfortune we turn to judge his justice. Is God who gives and he who takes so man should not be upset if death occur. Just like some trees leaves die to yield fresh ones and mother cockroaches die to have new ones, man has to view death as right of passage and accept it as part of life rather than to be sad, miserable or disgruntle.

Death is part of creation of God and should be cherish.

God has surrounded man with most essential things. Show More.