Ielts writing essay on crime

For instance, if a regular criminal is sent to prison, the people in society will not get affected as the person will not be able to commit the crime. In addition to this, longer prison sentences will act as a deterrent for someone who is thinking of committing a crime. However, there are other methods through which the problem of crime can be handled. The first method is to make harsh legislature against crimes. This should include more strict laws and punishments to restrict the criminal mentality of people.

Another way is to create counseling centers in crime affected areas so that people can be counseled and can be directed to a correct path. Also, governments should establish skill centers to make them skilled. This way they can leave the path of crime. It is high time to consider the problem of crime on a global scale due to the increase in global crime index.

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The unremitting crime poses a dire threat to implement law and order in our societies. However, in spite of all measures, the resurrection of crime has made it immortal. The long prison sentences can be a good solution to the problem, but it will not solve the problem completely. There must be stronger punishments, which must be made to tackle the problem of crime in our societies.

IELTS essay on crime

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To begin with,the dynamics of the law have been changed over the years not only in native country but internationally as well. The parameters which provokes an individual and attributed to crime as follows. First and foremost, environment, the substantial society plays an vital role on an individual mentality,the negligence and dominance sometimes lead to crime.

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Secondly,behaviour, the rudeness and the people with cynical nature may changed the person dramatically. For an example a person who is tortured above the thresholds may commit crime. In relation to this, the crime like murder and rape are stigma to the fabric of society which must be vanished. Government took strict actions against these severe crimes like death sentences or lifetime imprisonment. Moving further,the international laws and courts are unrealistic and have no practical significance.

The law and order can not control the destructive minds. For an illustration, in India, the Uttar Pradesh has 14 rape cases in 10 days recently which is disgraceful and pathetic.

The state government have no control over the people of the region then the power, control and dominance of an international law and court is a question which is beyond reality. Crimes could only be stopped by very strict action and laws.

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There must be a sense of fear and hesitation among criminals for the government than only a country can minimize the crime rate. To recapitulate, I would like to say that the maximum governance over the criminals could solely be achieved by changing the dynamics of the environment, law and order dramatically.

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It is highly debatable that international law and courts are ineffective to diminish offence rate around the nations. Both laws are necessary to tackle the felony and slash its growth. In some cases international law is necessary people who are illegally exporting rare animal species and skins to other countries.

Moreover, children are kidnapped and sold them as slave or for prostitution from across the continent.

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In addition, drug smuggling from all over globe in which most people mind and body are affected result in death. Terrorist attacks across the world which affects global economy and wealth.