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I have always been attracted to studying voyages of exploration as a form of knowledge production and international modes of scholarly collaborations as a means for the circulation of knowledge on a larger scale.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Henry, Ethics and Robotics - Pisa, 09.09.2017 (engl.)

Particularly, the cosmopolitan component of science beyond national borders and the international exchange of knowledge and ideas have drawn my interest. My studies describe different layers of interconnection and interactions between different European and American countries during the 19th century, an important period in the modernization of science, on an institutional, ideological, and individual level.

Aware of the crucial importance and relevance even today of the networks of knowledge established by Humboldt, and inspired by important projects in the field of social network analysis within the Digital Humanities, such as Mapping the Republic of Letters , I have begun to apply the theories and methods of this methodological approach to my field. This has proven to reveal hidden structures and patterns of interaction that, though not apparent at first sight, may nevertheless be crucial to understand the underlying dynamics of a complex system.

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My current research project has also introduced me to the fascinating field of the scientific exploration of the American West along the 19th century, starting in with the Lewis and Clark expedition up to the era of the Great Surveys of the West. Since October I have been working as an independent researcher, writer, speaker, science communicator and scientific consultant.

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This project is inserted in the Research Programme Culture and Foreign Policy , where experts carry out research on topics related to international cultural relations and formulate policy recommendations for future external cultural policy strategies. The research results will be reflected in expert talks, at international conferences and public discussions, and published both in German and Spanish in the ifa Edition Culture and Foreign Policy. The commemoration Culture and Foreign Policy Workshops.

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Motorola Company Essay -- Human Resources, Training it said that if people took retraining and failed, then it was our job to figure out a way of helping them succeed. Home Sitemap.

Alexander von Humboldt Final-Year Dissertation Fellowships in Islamic Intellectual History

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Employee training and development at motorola Motorola Company Essay -- Human Resources, Training it said that if people took retraining and failed, then it was our job to figure out a way of helping them succeed.