Short essay on my hobby reading books

So needless to say within few years I had enough books to start my own small library. Then story goes like this, I had maintained a diary where I used to write short poems whenever I felt like writing. Also, I used to enjoy writing short stories and essays in my school days. I used to participate in competitions in school or perform my art in front of people in family get-together or functions etc.

But then life happened!

Essay on My Hobby Reading Books

After schooling, my love for STEM subjects took over all my interest from literature and poetry and as majority of people from my generation, I too enrolled for Engineering! Oh, there is nothing to blame the choice as I did justice to my education. I became an engineer with full love and respect to engineering and I did my masters too in the field. Reading and writing too, was in a different form like reading about technologies, research papers, course books etc and writing was restricted to academic writing.

I was fortunate enough to rediscover my love for reading at least in my masters where I started reading about entrepreneurs, non-fiction, essays, mythology, motivational books etc. And that was my come back to my most loved hobby, Reading! Continuing reading from then, I always had writing on my mind. I tried starting a blog too during my masters but after 8 year long break up with the writing, I ran out of content just in few weeks. Promising myself that I will take up writing seriously sometime in future, I kept a close relationship with my books and soon again, I had a good filled bookshelf.

I was happy like never before when I arranged my books for the first time in my new bookshelf! Soon after, I again decided to start a blog but this time, I wanted to keep that for myself. In , I started to write again and for next two years, again life happened and I wrote only about course contents, proposals, event content, project reports etc. I pray to God everyday. I really like to do crafts. Whenever I am free I try to look for D.

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Y on the internet. I have made many handmade cards and received many praises too. I realized that people like it when they get a personalized card. Apart from cards, I have also made various decorative items and I also learnt how to sew a dress. I am still searching and wondering what is the next thing that I will be doing.

My Hobby Essay

That's very commendable. I always admired people that do things by themselves instead of using the easy ways. I love receiving handmade cards.

Sadly, I am no good at making them I lack the patience that it requires, especially if you are coloring or painting the cards. Have you ever considered selling them? You could perhaps make some side money! I have never sold any of the cards that I made. However, I have sold many of the decorative items that I made. I am always looking for ideas to make decorative stuffs. However, I cannot concentrate on it the whole day as I have other tasks to do.

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I have sold some of the items that I made like headbands and souvenirs on eBay. My favorite hobby is to sing while playing the guitar. I feel like it makes me express the things that I can't express in public.

It helps me cope with stress and sometimes I even find myself singing my own songs in public. It's such a big release for me as I'm the type of person who usually can't express myself the way I want to unless I do it through art. I love the guitar! I can actually play the acoustic at an intermediate level. All self-taught though. I never took lessons but I learned through watching videos. I agree that it's great to sing along while playing it. Sadly, I don't have mine anymore because it fell off the closet and broke.

Perhaps I'll purchase it again since the basic ones don't cost much. What kind of guitar do you like playing? I am also self-taught and learned from Youtube videos and some text-based tutorials in Ultimate-guitar. I wrecked a couple of acoustics in my life too, recently broke my third one and had the electric guitar as a replacement, something which I've always wanted. But now I feel like I really miss the acoustic, there's just a different feel to it when I play an acoustic and sing alone, compared to me just trying out electric guitar riffs. I might get an acoustic again very soon.

This is a hard decision for me because there are a couple of things I like to do in my spare time. The first thing that comes to mind isnplaying video games. I have been playing video games since I was six years old, and 19 years later I'm still very much a fan.

My Hobby Essay Examples - A Research Guide for Students

I don't play nearly as many games or for as long as I used to, but I still enjoy an hour or two every day. The other hobby I really enjoy is hiking out in the wilderness and taking pictures. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but I have a decent DSLR and I love to use it as a means of recording the beauty in nature. Yay, another gamer? As you can see I have also put ''playing games'' as one of my hobbies.

And I am the same as you. As a kid and through the teenage years I gamed so much I think my first console was the NES.

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I miss those times. I still play a ton of new games but not nearly as much as I used to due to real life responsibilities. What type of games do you like the most? I totally considered myself a fulltime gamer when I was a teen. It was eight hours a day or bust. On the topic of what games I like the most, I'm an old school guy these days. Every now and again a new title will come out that I enjoy, but for the most part I've been playing a lot of Super Nintendo games from my childhood. There's a whole list of games that I never finished as a kid, so I'm wrapping that up as an adult!

How about you? I have many hobbies but my favorite as of now is mobile games which I play when I am waiting for something like when in traffic or when in a queue. It breaks the boredom of waiting. When at home and there's nothing to do, my phone is also my activity to make me relax. And can you guess what game I play on my phone?

It's Candy Crush. I can't explain why I am addicted to that mobile game.