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To do so, select the heading in your paper you wish to start your table with. Heading can be chapter numbers, part numbers or other options. Click the "Home" tab at the top left of your screen and choose your desired style from the "Styles" options provided. Repeat for each heading or use the format painter to copy the style to each desired heading. Designate any subsequent levels to be included in the table of contents under each heading.

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For example, certain chapters may contain subchapters, which are indicated under a different level in the table of contents. To do so, select the appropriate text, navigate to your "References" tab, and select "Add Text" in the "Table of Contents" group. Select the appropriate level for the text.

Repeat the steps for each text you wish to appear in the table or use the format painter to copy the changes for each appropriate selection of text. Create the table of contents under the "References" tab by selecting the "Table of Contents" option. From the drop-down menu, select the desired style of table or select "Insert Table of Contents" to further personalize your options. Browse through the styles provided by Word by expanding the "More" button to the left of the "Change styles" button.

To ensure your table appears with page numbers instead of links, insert your table by selecting "Insert Table Contents" and uncheck "Use Hyperlinks Instead of Page Numbers. Proof the table of contents to make sure it complies with basic APA style standards. For example, the text should be in or point size, the margins should be 1 inch, and all lines should be double-spaced.

Remove the numbers next to Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3. Scroll down until you see Heading2 and Heading3. These are the headings that you previously created when setting up your document.

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Type a number 2 next to Heading2. Type a number 3 next to Heading3. Populating the Table of Contents:. As you type your document, remember to use each of those font styles as appropriately required.

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After adding content:. Updates just the page numbers of the existing TOC contents.

Updates all headings and page numbers in the TOC, adding new content as needed. When finished, click on the Insert tab, and click on Page Break to start a new section. Faculty Resources Feedback! Schedule Appointment. If the Dedication page is not used, then starts with the Abstract page. Lists the titles of each chapter, plus all Heading Level 2's -- these are the main sections within each chapter.

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Do not list any subsections. All titles and headings match what appears in the text exactly.

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All page numbers are correct. How it Should Look. An example of how the Table of Contents should look:. Macro-Template Instructions Template users have an advantage in that there isn't much they need to do concerning the Table of Contents TOC , except write and properly format the rest of their document.

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